THE TRUST MACHINE will be a feature length documentary film about blockchain technology. Blockchain is the technology that enables the secure distributed sharing of records. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been made possible by blockchain protocols. The architecture enables people to connect in ways that have never been possible before and solutions based on this technology are rapidly finding their way into all areas of society. This innovation is being described as being as significant as the invention of the Internet itself.

A blockchain eliminates the need for centralized gatekeepers and connects everyone to everyone else. Eliminating or reducing intermediaries and inefficiencies. Systems can be created for the benefit of everyone. But there are significant technological, political and societal challenges to achieve this.

Fundamentally, blockchains are about trust - they enable trust between people, companies, organisations and other entities - where previously this trust was enabled through centralised intermediaries.

THE TRUST MACHINE will investigate how blockchain protocols are being used and how this will affect all of us.

Director / Justin Smith

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Justin Smith

Producer / Director

Justin Smith is an independent documentary filmmaker and author. He has successfully completed three previous feature length documentary films.

His three previous projects are also science-based documentary films that required the synthesis of a large number of complex issues into a concise and informative yet entertaining film.

Previous work includes:

STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up

STATIN NATION II: What Really Causes Heart Disease

BODY ELECTRIC: Electroceuticals and the Future of Medicine

Both Statin Nation films were crowdfunded. Body Electric was partially crowdfunded and supported by the American Institute of Stress.

Justin has also completed the Guardian Masterclass in Investigative Journalism and he is the author of the book STATIN NATION, published by Chelsea Green Publishing.



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